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    T's Sweet Heat sauce combines the great taste of our T's Honey BBQ Sauce and adds a little habanero kick to it!  This is great for our customers looking for a more traditional bbq sauce but want a little kick as well.  This sauce has been our top seller for several years!   Pick up a jar today and you'll taste why!
           Joyce R- I have been buying T’s Sauce for quite a while but recently introduced my two daughters to it. The Sweet Heat is their favorite. They put it on everything and eat it with chips/crackers. I can not buy it 1 jar at a time. It has to be at least 2 at a time. If you have not already tried it, you need to. I can guarantee that you will find a sauce or two that you love. These guys are awesome. October 21, 2020- Facebook 
            Lola B.- Love, love, love the Sweet Heat. My husband likes the Fire Sauce. Gotta try more flavors. GREAT!!! September 2020- Google
            Steven D.- Whether it’s their Fire Sauce on some wings or their Sweet Heat on some barbecue, T’s Sauce is amazing!!! October 23, 2020- Facebook